• Visa & Immigration Services

    Visa & Immigration Services

    Before moving to any country, the first thing that needs to be done is to obtain work permits. Some companies do not allow any leasing of properties until the work permits are approved.

    We are available to answer all questions and concerns relating to obtaining work permits in Malaysia, be it Work Permits, Professional Visit Passes, Dependent Passes, Permanent Residence and any other permits relating to immigration services.

    We keep you informed of any new processes or requirements by the immigration department in Malaysia. Our complete range of immigration services will be a boon to any company that does not have sufficient human resources to get this done. We keep you updated regularly on the status of the application and remind employees 3 months prior to the expiry of their work permits.

  • Home Search

    Home Search

    When moving to a new country, finding the right home is a high priority. Interconnect Relocation Services can make this process easier for the incoming transferee and family. We have a panel of tried and tested realtors who adhere strictly to the budgetary guidelines of the company. We also offer support throughout the duration of your stay.

  • School Search

    School Search

    Selecting the appropriate school is a high priority to parents. Most popular schools have long wait lists for certain grades and it is advisable to submit applications as early as possible. Interconnect Relocation Services can provide detailed information on schooling options and availability, schedule interviews and tours. There is a variety of school systems to choose from in Malaysia.

  • Orientation and Settling In

    Orientation and Settling In

    This hands-on service helps the transferee quickly adapt to successful living in Malaysia. Features of this service include an escorted service assisting with opening a bank account, installation of cable TV and internet, registering at a medical facility and embassy registration if required. We may introduce reliable part-time maid services if required.

    In addition, an Interconnect Relocation Services consultant will accompany the transferee and family on a tour of their new neighborhood, popular eateries, expat hangouts and shopping malls.

  • Temporary Accommodation

    Temporary Accommodation

    Whether it is for a short stay of 1 month until your permanent housing is found or making the serviced apartment your permanent housing, we are here to assist you with the reservations and leases.

  • Airport Transfers

    Airport Transfers

    We can assist with airport transfers and save the assignee the anxiety of navigating his/her way from the arrival hall of the airport with excessive luggage and the family in tow to a taxi and then to the hotel or their new home.

  • Departure Services

    Departure Services

    Interconnect Relocation Services will assist the expatriate and family with the move-out process prior to their departure from the host country. This process ensures that the security and utility deposits are returned and all your employees' subscribed services are discontinued.

  • Cultural Training and Language Classes

    Cultural Training and Language Classes

    In order to ensure a successful assignment, the assignee and the family must be able to adapt to the culture and peculiarities of the host country. It is crucial that they understand intercultural sensitivity, communication, local social etiquette and learn how to manage uncertainty. This cultural awareness will then contribute to a successful business development within the host country.

    We also encourage the assignee to learn the local language Bahasa Malaysia especially when they are working with government officials on joint venture projects. But the simple fact is that it endears the assignee to the locals.

  • Lease or Purchase of Cars and Conversion of Driver's Licenses

    Lease or Purchase of Cars and Conversion of Driver's Licenses

    We provide assistance in car leasing or purchasing of new or used cars as well as arranging documentation, registration and bank loans to purchase the vehicles. We also offer advice on acquiring a local driver's license where applicable as not all domestic driver's license of a country can be converted to a local driver's license.

  • Defensive Driving

    Defensive Driving

    Not all assignees and their spouses are comfortable with driving on the "wrong" side of the road especially if they have to ferry their children to school. This is a valid concern and we do offer defensive driving classes.

    It helps the assignee understand the Malaysian road signs, basic Malaysian traffic laws and advice is given on what to do in emergencies i.e accidents or break downs. It teaches defensive driving skills in the city and how to handle road bullies.